Project Goals

Enable adult educators through a CPD course to develop intercultural competences in adult learners, providing a methodological framework to boost the key competences and intercultural skills of adults Interculturality also aims to minimize cultural disconnections which impact performance, by helping target groups and beneficiaries in international business environment, fostering intercultural development continuum which involves the view of the business world, as well as the develop ment of a multilingual learning platform providing open and instant access to the full suite of project’s outputs, including the eLearning space, the mobile app to support the access to the CPD course.

Target Group

Adult educators and trainers who are not only the key actors to be engaged in the main activities of the project, but also being upskilled and empowered as facilitators, through a continuous professional development course (CPD), to improve skills and understanding of the importance of intercultural skills in adult learners. Since CPD is a holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers, “Interculturality” project embarks the CDP approach for the target groups and beneficiaries of the project.