Newsletter 2/2021



It is with great pleasure to present to you the latest newsletter of the Interculturality project. From this issue you will find out at what stage of implementation our project is, we will remind you of the training modules we are working on, and we will present the entire project team. Join our intercultural journey and develop your skills! (more…)

Newsletter 1/2021

The project partners are glad to present the latest achievements concerning the implementation of the Interculturality project. In this newsletter you will find out more about the project’s description and the progress made so far, especially focusing on the development of the interactive training modules. (more…)

Why is it worth developing intercultural competences?
Newsletter 1/2020

The “Interculturality” project builds upon the experience of partners from Spain, Italy, Turkey and Poland, and aims at enabling adult educators to develop intercultural competences in adult learners to develop personal skills and improve chances of securing employment, starting own businesses, or updating own competences. (more…)

Interculturality EPALE

Epale has collected the project description in several languages: Spanish, Italian and Polish. (more…)

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