Newsletter nº4



We are pleased to present you the next issue of the “Interculturality” newsletter, in which we summarize the work to date and present the next steps bringing us closer to finishing the project.


Interculturality – Intercultural Competence Development for International Business Environment is an Erasmus+ project developed by the following partner countries: Italy, Poland, Spain and Turkey, focusing on intercultural skills development for adult learners in working environments.

Intercultural skills such as entrepreneurship, civic engagement, personal and social dimensions, and cultural awareness represent the key competences for intercultural management and global leadership in professional contexts. The project consists of a continuing professional development course (CPD) offering Open Educational Resources (OERs). It is based on an e-learning platform, implemented in 4 modules. The course is specifically addressed to the target group, made up of adult educators, teachers, and mentors working on and teaching the related topics, allowing them to focus both on the individual professional and personal needs and the development and assessment of the related skills.

Pilot test

The specificity of projects financed under the Erasmus+ Programme, which are aimed at developing new educational materials, are pilot tests. The target group is presented with all the developed materials, and then the test participants are asked to complete the evaluation questionnaires. This was also the case in the “Interculturality” project. All partners conducted two tests: alpha (among adult educators, trainers, mentors) and beta (additionally with the participation of managers and employees of multicultural organisations). In total, 80 people participated in the test phase and provided partners with many valuable comments on possible improvements to the course. The partner from Italy, Training 2000, prepared a Pilot Testing Report, on the basis of which the necessary changes to the content of the educational materials were made.

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