Newsletter nº2

The project partners are glad to present the latest achievements concerning the implementation of the Interculturality project. In this newsletter you will find out more about the project’s description and the progress made so far, especially focusing on the development of the interactive training modules.

Newsletter 1/2021


Interculturality – Intercultural Competence Development for International Business Environment is an Erasmus+ project developed by the following partner countries: Italy, Poland, Spain and Turkey, focusing on intercultural skills development for adult learners in working environments.Intercultural skills such as entrepreneurship, civic engagement, personal and social dimensions and cultural awareness represent the key competences for intercultural management and global leadership in professional contexts.

The project consists in a continuing professional development course (CPD) offering Open Educational Resources (OERs). It is based on an e-learning platform, implemented in 4 modules: Overview of key cultural drivers and their impact on global leadership, Cross cultural management, Global leadership, Effective global leadership. Within the project, interculturality is addressed according to its main components, such as, cultural factors, perceptions, stereotypes and expectations belonging to people with different cultures and backgrounds.The course is specifically addressed to the target group, made up of adult educators, teachers and mentors working on and teaching the related topics, allowing them to focus both on the individual professional and personal needs and the development and assessment of the related skills.


The Interculturality project focuses on the learning outcomes, the drivers, knowledge, skills and competences required to face and manage the challenges and opportunities in multicultural environments. The course is intendedas an overall approach to Interculturality, starting from the broad characteristics of the matrix, drives and context to further delve into the analysis and application of the tools to manage and overcome intercultural issues emerging in business settings.

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